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Arcades, the Strategist


Arcades, the Strategist is a deck based on both creatures and interactions. The strategy offered by the commander follows the greats pressure brought by the walls and their exceptional toughness.

Bant's color identity gives access to powerful interactions be it proactive ou reactive. Most creatures being walls is great for dealing with the most aggressive decks.

Card flow is handled by the commander, which decreases conveniently the need for other sources of Card Advantage. Some cards are played to act a substitutes if necessary: mostly Assault Formation or High Alert.

Tips and Tricks

Understanding rapidly if it is possible to take control of the game is a necessity to play this type of tempo deck.

Walls can decently slow aggro down but they are not a threat to control. It is important to keep counterspells to ensure the resolution of the commander and to protect it. Playing a counterspell target other spells is not necessary to maintain control of the game.


The structure of this deck is common to many tempo decks like Jenara, Asura of War. However, creature choices vary due to the commander's mana cost and possible synergies.

Command Zone