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Niv Mizzet Reborn


This is a non-blue midrange deck that has the advantage of being able to maintain a sufficient number of cards in hand thanks to the commander's resolve. Indeed, its in-game effect allows to fill your hand with a card from each guild present among the ten revealed.

The constraint of the commander requires rigor to balance the quantities: having too many cards of one color pair and not enough of another will inevitably result in a smaller draw.

Tips and Tricks

Creatures in the deck are used to generate presence on the battlefield and put the opponent in difficulty. When the balance tilts in favor of this deck, it is very difficult for the opponent to change the outcome of the game. This is when the deck tends to fully express itself. Playing Niv-Mizzet Reborn allows to gain a considerable advantage and almost lock the game in one's favor.

Since the deck uses all the color combinations to the maximum, the choice of lands is decisive for the outcome of the game. Choices, whether good or bad, affect the outcome of the game. The distribution of guilds both in cost of color and in cost of mana can be a solution to this possible problem.

Command Zone