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Orvar, the All-Form


Orvar, the All-Form costs only one colored mana for a total cost of four manas. This allows utility lands to be played without decreasing the chances of casting Orvar. On the other hand, his strength and endurance are a little low. A 3/3 is weak to Lightning Bolt but there are ways around this problem. Finally, Orvar's abilities are:


This ability which provides all creature types is not trivial and provides the best means of protecting Orvar, the All-Form.

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, if it targets one or more other permanents you control, create a token that’s a copy of one of those permanents
This ability is the keystone of the deck. Indeed, the objective is to use this capacity as much as possible. This ability can only produce one token and cards like Ghostly Flicker are not necessarily to be considered. Likewise, this ability only works on controlled permanents, it will not work with Gilded Drake because possession is ignored. Finally, it's possible to copy any permanent, whether it's a creature, a land, or a planeswalker, regardless of whether the spell's target is still in play when Orvar's ability resolves.

When a spell or ability an opponent controls causes you to discard this card, create a token that’s a copy of target permanent.
The objective is for the commander to be in play or in the command zone. This ability can be useful in the event of an opponent's discard as with Liliana of the Veil. Indeed, returning Orvar in hand allows to copy a permanent and recast it from the command zone.


The list of the deck presented is the version of February 14, 2021, it may have changed since it was put online following tests in particular. The presentation therefore follows the list presented even if the decklist has since evolved.

Regarding the mana base, the deck includes a large package of Snow-Covered Island for Arcum's Astrolabe and to bluff the presence of Ascendant Spirit. Fetches allow to find Mystic Sanctuary, central card of the deck by its ability to recover combo tools. Four tribal lands protect the general by regenerating him or making him 4/4 thanks to his Changeling ability. Mishra's Factory and Griffin Canyon, if copied enough times, allow Orvar, the All-Form to kill the opponent while attacking. The last utility lands allow to speed up mana production or draw.

The deck is very heavily based on typical mono-blue decks: counterspells, some card draw and classics like Vedalken Shackles. These cards allow the deck to remain stable and deal with most of the format's threats. Using a few planeswalkers allows to be less dependent on the general.

Thing in the Ice returns all non-horror and, thanks to the Changeling, Orvar will always remain on the battlefield. The card is therefore ideal but will not protect the general from a removal. Finally, Spellskite both resist aggressive decks and protect the general.

There is a module of so-called untapper creatures, like Palinchron, which allow them to be duplicated for less than the mana they generate. These creatures are quite weak on their own but are necessary for various combos in the deck. Body Double makes sure to retrieve at least one on Intuition or Gifts Ungiven.

The second important module is that of spells with Buyback. These spells are almost the only ones that create copies with the ability of Orvar, the All-Form. This makes it possible to keep a coherent structure and not to create too much dependence on the general. One should not hesitate in some cases to play them on a single land at the end of the turn to increase the available mana tenfold later. The best is Whim of Volrath for its low cost, followed by Mind Games which can be used very well for its initial effect.

Finally, tutors everywhere and in shambles. From Spellseeker which is a very good permanent to copy and recopy to Merchant Scroll via Dizzy Spell and its Transmutation. The purpose of these cards is to make it easier to put together combos in the deck.

List of the main combos

ll combos in the deck follow the following structure and are derived from it

Orvar, the All-Form

Orvar, the All-Form

Memory Crystal

Memory Crystal

Whim of Volrath

Whim of Volrath

  1. Cast Whim of Volrath on a land that produces blue mana and paying its recall cost for 0
  2. Orvar, the All-Form create a copy of the land
  3. Restart step 1

The combo shown above is a A + B + Orvar structure combo. A creates mana, B copies the permanent that produces mana. This gives :

  1. Untappers, under specific conditions: Palinchron, Peregrine Drake, Treachery, Gilded Lotus and Cloud of Faeries;
  2. Buybackers: Whim of Volrath, Mind Games et Clockspinning.

After performing this combo, the mana available is very large, as are the creatures that have been copied to generate mana in the majority of cases. This situation should be enough to kill the opponent but it is possible to go even further: it is possible to copy in astronomical quantity any permanent, in particular Mystic Sanctuary to create loops with Cryptic Command and / or Mystic Confluence and .

By choosing the mode that returns a permanent to its owner's hand, the opponent no longer has a permanent. It is not yet enough to kill. By replacing Cryptic Command with Mystic Confluence, it is possible to draw ones library and find Mishra's Factory and Griffin Canyon to copy them as many times as necessary to strengthen Orvar, the All-Form and attack with the latter to kill the opponent .

The deck allows to play a few additional combos that must be taken up but it should also be noted that it is not the will of the deck to assemble them at all costs in the form presented below:

Soullessoni's tips and tricks

The combo does not work with legendary cards! The buybacker spell will trigger Orvar's ability, the copy token will be created, and one of the two permanents will have to be sacrificed. If the original is sacrificed, the buybacker will lose its target and be removed from the stack and put into the graveyard.

One-mana cards that target a permanent, usually to tap or untap it, have been discarded because they usually don't target lands or draw a card. The only exception in the list is Thermal Flux which can be used as a mana ramp.

One strategy with Spellseeker is to fetch a buybacker and then copy it and fetch Merchant Scroll, which finds Intuition, which gets Palinchron, Peregrine Drake or Body Double, and presto, combo.

Soullessoni is available to discuss the deck over Magic Biquette

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