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Cantrips are cards that replace themselves or even create Card Advantage. Indeed, as soon as it is possible to draw more than one card immediately or over several turns, these cards become formidable in order to keep a reasonable hand size and therefore be able to use as many spells as possible.
Wall of Omens

Wall of Omens

This creature, like Wall of Blossoms, absorbs a large portion of the opponent's damage. The fact that it replaces itself makes it a card of choice in decks that do not seek to be the beater.

Blink of an Eye

Blink of an Eye

Permanent Bounce Removal

First and foremost a , this card replace itself for a decent cost. It is often played with Into the Roil.



Card which is very powerful in Eternal formats. Its use with a fetch makes it possible to "recycle" cards of little use and often makes it possible to unlock the situation.

Gitaxian Probe

Gitaxian Probe

Card that gives information on the opponent's hand, it is preferred in Control decks and Combo decks which need more information than other decks in general.



Card that filters the deck. It is played mainly in decks that seek to access a specific card or one of its functional duplicates.

Into the Roil

Into the Roil

Permanent Bounce Removal

First and foremost a , this card replace itself for a decent cost. It is often played with Blink of an Eye.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Jace, the Mind Sculptor

The most played planeswalker, it offers interesting possibilities between , draw and a win condition.



A low-cost instant that filters the deck, it is very popular.



When access to information is a need, playing this card in addition to Gitaxian Probe can be useful because it too can be replaced.



Card played because it allows to prepare the next turns. It is necessary to choose to shuffle the library if ever only one of the three cards is useful.



Card played because it allows to prepare for the current turn. The card is to be played with a view to a Big Turn or the search for a particular interaction.

Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand

Another cantrip played in Combo decks, this card is to be prioritized during the Big Turn, unlike Sleight of Hand.

Serum Visions

Serum Visions

Cantrip played in Modern for lack of the others, this card remains interesting to prepare a Big Turn. Indeed, the filtering has no immediate effect but is still substantial.

Cling to Dust

Cling to Dust

Card that is played more and more because it allows to interact with the opponent's graveyard while having the possibility of easily replacing oneself.

Sylvan Library

Sylvan Library

Card whose objective is twofold: both to prepare the cards that are drawn but also to draw more than one card if necessary. Do not hesitate to draw more cards when the quality decreases to renew the stock of cards handled.

Baleful Strix

Baleful Strix

Creature which replaces itself, it allows to kill almost all the creatures that it blocks. It is a very popular card in all decks that can play it.

Fire / Ice

Fire / Ice

Very versatile card that slows down, for a decent cost, the access to the opponent's mana in addition to providing the possibility of inflicting direct damage.

Teferi, Time Raveler

Teferi, Time Raveler

A very oppressive Planeswalker, it is always useful as its -3 can replace it in almost any situation.

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

Planeswalker with a high cost, it generates Card Advantage quickly and allows, if necessary, to a permanent if necessary. Like Jace, the Mind Sculptor, its ultimatum is a condition of victory.

Sword of Fire and Ice

Sword of Fire and Ice

Equipment sought by decks wishing to dodge direct damage and gaining the ability to draw cards in the long run.